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Sketch: Medic and Archimedes by kungfubellydancer Sketch: Medic and Archimedes :iconkungfubellydancer:kungfubellydancer 162 13 Moonlight Kiss by TheHolyTudor Moonlight Kiss :icontheholytudor:TheHolyTudor 19 14 Miss you by Emi-Ookami Miss you :iconemi-ookami:Emi-Ookami 32 34 A Bush Medicine Portrait by TheHolyTudor A Bush Medicine Portrait :icontheholytudor:TheHolyTudor 31 8 SFM Poster: Damn Tie by PatrickJr SFM Poster: Damn Tie :iconpatrickjr:PatrickJr 113 29 TF2- Angry by MadJesters1 TF2- Angry :iconmadjesters1:MadJesters1 496 90 You can let go now. by Schmogg You can let go now. :iconschmogg:Schmogg 282 44 Little green friend by Lintufriikki Little green friend :iconlintufriikki:Lintufriikki 2,441 170 Wind Flow by Zeugirdor994 Wind Flow :iconzeugirdor994:Zeugirdor994 45 7 Plush party by Lintufriikki Plush party :iconlintufriikki:Lintufriikki 2,531 230 Yawn by Neminder Yawn :iconneminder:Neminder 107 16 Stand near the cart as soon as possible by Sync-7 Stand near the cart as soon as possible :iconsync-7:Sync-7 106 12 Hey! That's MY underwear!!! by Zummeng Hey! That's MY underwear!!! :iconzummeng:Zummeng 690 87
Medic x Reader Chapter 2
Über Fever
It wasn't long before Archimedes, the infernal pet that the Medic kept around, had burrowed himself lung deep into your cleanly sliced body - the neatness worry you only a tinge. You kept your eyes averted for most of the operation until the silence was broken by a large hand roughly tugging at your chin to meet his eyes.
You melted again.
"Y/N? Are you ill at all? You're acting rahzer odd..." Another feign from the doctor, he knew, he must've known by now... His usual slicked hair was mussed in a variety of directions - your blood caked most of the tips on it and even the coarseness of the Medic's face was rather slicked with vital fluids and shone in the light.
Cheeks burning once again, you noticed him inching closer, a wily smirk attached to his visage, hand still clinging to your chin. It wasn't as if you wanted him to stop his approach, but opening up right now with a bird inside your cavity is not the best place to deal your hand.
Oh god, is he g
:iconmalficorum:Malficorum 64 12
medic x depressed! reader
ok, so before i start this, i will NEVER write something like this ever again. i got this idea a long time ago and i guess i had to wright this down. I AM NOT DEPRESSED OR SUICIDAL! please know that before you read this! now, this will have to do with depression and outher things like that. if your not ok with that, please dont read. or read anyways. i cant really stop you. but dont leave a angry comment or anything because I WARNED YOU! DID YOU READ IT!?! good. alright. now that you have read this (lol, who am i kidding, no one reads these things) lets get started!
depression was hard. it always was. its not that you were always sad or upset, just more like you felt nothing. there was nothing there anymore. you were tired. just like you didnt have anything to look forward to. you were mostly fine in the day time but night was filled with the depressing thoughts and emotions. you were so tired of sleepless nights
:icondorklovesspork:dorklovesspork 61 20
Medic x Reader Chapter 1
Über Fever
You always found the waiting room boring, but today you seemed a little on edge. It was the infamous über operation, with the (BLU/RED) Medic of the team. You bit down on your lip, certainly very hard and nearly drew blood from the Medic suddenly placing a surprisingly clean and bare hand on your left shoulder. The way he gazed at you with those eyes, battle worn, yet mad - with hints of kindness revealing itself through the ice blue, his pale visage seemed ominous, yet suiting to the rather built man. Then again, he did lug that medigun everywhere he went.
Absentmindedly, you sighed, only to be brought out of the land of daydreams by his thick German accent, "Vas? Y/N? Are you quite alright mein kamarade? You seem a little off today, not coming down vizh somezhing, are you?" The Medic looked worried, something he rarely did, but he was 'kind' in different ways to his patients - that you had heard from the Scout, #1 tale twister of all time.
:iconmalficorum:Malficorum 71 21


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1st August 2016

Hello, Everyone!

This is Natnarf Signing In,

This Is Just A Little Update For Myself (Only because I need to do so)...

Just Finished Restoring My Computer...stupid CERBER RANSOMWARE destroyed everything in my I've gotta start all over it may take some time to get everything back in order...

Just In Case Anyone Wants My Hug-Fia Sample Story-Draft... HERE ...Enjoy I guess?...




Got some little Markiplier and Friends "GIF"s that everyone so LOVES on my DeviantArt Page (for some unknown mysterious reason)....Here are the LINKS if any of you have missed them (And Wish to DOWNLOAD Them):

  • Mark (MarkiplierGAME)

 Markiplier Munching Imaginary Popcorn (INFAMOUS)
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Markiplier FWOP Santa Put It Away

- 150px | 100px | 50px


- 150px | 100px | 50px

Markiplier Kiss Kiss Tsup Tsup
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Normal - 150px | 100px | 50px
ZOOM Effect - 150px | 100px | 50px

Type 1
- 150px | 100px | 50px
Type 2 - 150px | 100px | 50px
Type 3 - 150px | 100px | 50px

Crotch Dance
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Awkward Smile
- 150px | 100px | 50px

- 150px | 100px | 50px

Booty Dance
Booty Dance Zoom
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Oh Came Right At Me
- 150px | 100px | 50px

What The F*ck Happened
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Whoa There
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Forgot How Hard This Was-
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Copywrite Music Dance
- 150px | 100px | 50px

  • Sean (Jacksepticeye)

- 150px | 100px | 50px

Jack Loves Mark
- 150px | 100px | 50px

What The F*ck Was Dat
- 150px | 100px | 50px

ClusterTruck Frustration (UNDER REPAIR)
- 150px | 100px | 50px

  • Matthias

The SweetKiss of Matthias
-150px | 100px | 50px

Love Letters KO
- 150px | 100px | 50px

- 150px | 100px | 50px

  • Wade (LordMinion777)

Up Close And Personal
- 150px | 100px | 50px

- 150px | 100px | 50px

Kiss Mark's Shoulder
- 150px | 100px | 50px

- 150px | 100px | 50px

Running Slenderman Imma Comin'
- 150px | 100px | 50px

  • Others

Dancin' Like Nobody's Watchin' (Tyler)
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Song About Bricks (Markiplier+Matthias)
- 150px | 100px | 50px

FWOP Santa Put It Away (Matthias+Markiplier+LordMinion777)

- 150px | 100px | 50px

Matt Shoves Mark Off Chair (Matthias+Markiplier+Jesse)
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Overgrowth (Markiplier+LordMinion777)
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Dawko Falls
- 150px | 100px | 50px

Noogla True Poo Story
- 150px | 100px | 50px




If you'd like to see a different pairing after Ced-Fia...please vote your choice of pairing found on my Fanfiction profile page...if you do not have a FanFiction can leave your choice in my Twitter...Deviant on Blogger...or on my Youtube Account...I will be accepting the votes until the end of September this year...Yes...You've got a lot of time to get people to vote for your next favorite pairing for me to write...the highest votes will be the next pairing series for me to write/show after Ced-Fia...Remember...VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

Here are my social accounts...

Youtube: Natnarf1  |  Youtube: Natnarf's AMV Workshop (NEW)  |  Blogger: natnarf
Ello: Natnarf  |  Twitter: NatNarf01  |  FanFiction: Natnarf01

Until Then...

This is Natnarf...

Signing Off!~

  • Listening to: For Once In My Life - Tony Bennett + Stevie Wonder
  • Watching: Dancing Fishes In My Aquarium...
  • Playing: Miles Edgeworth - Ace Attorney Investigations 2...
  • Eating: FISH SINEGANG!!!! (Can't Spell)...
  • Drinking: Green Tea...Drink For The Soul...


Just Ur Average 'Dame'...
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hong Kong
I am a Homemaker...A Single Mother Of One Hyper Active daughter...A freelance FanFiction writer...and a Die-Trying-Hard Youtuber that only plays to entertain...

I am (kinda) open to commissions for writing stories...but my knowledge is very limit to what many people would know (Like games or cartoon sad...)...BUT I DO 'DO RESEARCH!'...although I do not limit myself to 'Time-Limits' cause I do have to do MOTHERLY-CHORES!!!

Prices...will Vary for how long (amount of words) you want me to write...although the payment will have to sent by mail as I DO NOT HAVE ANY INTERNET BANKING ACCOUNTS as I do not have any jobs to begin with to even open an account...

Regardless...message me to this email:

Until then...
This is Natnarf...Signing Off!~
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